Training Paddock – Information

This field is just under 1 acre in size and ideal for dogs who are wannabe escapees or fence jumpers, for recall practise, agility fun or puppy training. 

  • Approximately 1 acre that is exclusively yours to use
  • Securely fenced with 5ft stock fencing on three sides (post and rail with rabbit wire and 6ft fencing and vegetation on fourth side)
  • Sheltered – There is a Field Shelter with bench seat in case of bad weather. There is also a water “splash” for dogs to cool off in if it’s hot. The field has both shade and open space all year round.
  • Fun for your dog (with an assortment of toys & mixed dog agility equipment that are free to use including an A Frame, Winged Jumps, Tunnel, Weaves, Seasaw and more)
  • Equipped for you too (with spare poo bags, dog water, waste bins, umbrellas, chairs, first aid kit etc)

Note: Please be aware that horses may be grazing in the next field so please be considerate if they are by the fence. Please do not feed any livestock. There are also no toilets on site.

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Field Upkeep & Conditions

  1. The field and fencing is inspected regularly to maintain security but please notify a member of the Team on 07767 757009 if you have any concerns or write it on the signing in / out sheet
  2. After rainfall the field may be muddy and the grass will be wet.  Waterproof boots are recommended
  3. No alcohol, open fires or barbecues are permitted
  4. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in the ash bin provided (attached to the side of the field store)
  5. All litter must be disposed of
  6. Members are responsible for their dog(s) at all times and they are liable for any damages caused by their pet whilst using the facility including (but not limited to) breakages to the fence / agility equipment or bursting / breaking any toys or field consumables.
  7. Members must discourage their dog(s) from digging in the field. Any holes must be filled in by the Member prior to leaving the field