The Meadow – Information

This field is a large, fully fenced (4ft – 5ft) space and can be used for Dog Exercise, Relaxation or Social Distancing

  • Approximately 8 acres that are exclusively yours to use
  • Dog friendly with a perimeter fence, drive in access, available fresh water, first aid kit and pooh bins
  • Well maintained with walking paths and a shorter grass area for ball games and picnics (no barbecues)
  • Rest area with seating

Note: Please be aware that there may be other animals in the next field and neighbours nearby so please be considerate if they are by the fence and with noise levels. Note: there are also no toilets on site.

Field Upkeep & Conditions

  1. The field and fencing is inspected regularly but please notify a member of the Team on 07767 757009 if you have any concerns or write it on the signing in / out sheet
  2. After rainfall the field may be muddy and the grass will be wet.  Waterproof boots are recommended
  3. The Meadow is a field with the usual hazards of walking in the countryside – uneven ground, rabbit & badger holes, ticks, seeds and stinging insects. It is not a manicured park!
  4. No alcohol, open fires or barbecues are permitted
  5. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in the ash bins provided and not dropped in the field or thrown over the hedge
  6. All litter must be disposed of in the litter bin or taken home
  7. Members are responsible for their dog(s) at all times and they are liable for any damages caused by their pet whilst using the facility including (but not limited to) breakages to the fence / agility equipment or bursting / breaking any toys or field consumables.
  8. Members must discourage their dog(s) from digging in the field. Any holes must be filled in by the Member prior to leaving the field

Prices & Membership

Membership is FREE!

There is no charge to become a Member and once registration is complete (after your first visit) you will be given a password to access the online booking calendar.