The Meadow – Terms

All members MUST read, agree and sign a Field Use Agreement that outlines the following terms and conditions before they will be permitted to use the field.

Failure to comply with the terms will result in membership being forfeited.

  1. General Conditions
  • Members have use of The Meadow only. Membership does not permit entry into any other field or on any other part of the farm. Trespassers will be prosecuted
  • Only Members (pre-registered users) are able to use the field (Members are given the key code for the gate padlock which is changed regularly)
  • If bringing a pet, A MAXIMUM OF 4 DOGS belonging to the Member(s) who is using the field are allowed at any one time (this includes shared member bookings)
  • All bookings are subject to availability and Fairfield Court Management and / Or Cippa Limited Employees reserve the right to cancel or amend time slots should it be deemed necessary
  • Members are responsible for their dog(s) at all times and they are liable for any damages caused by their pet whilst using the facility
  • The Meadow is a field that comes with the usual hazards of the countryside – uneven ground, rabbit and badger holes, grass seeds, wet & longer grass at some times of the year, stinging insects and plants and possibly dead prey (e.g. dropped by a local buzzard). It is not a carefully manicured park with groundsmen. Whilst every effort has been made to make it as safe and clean as possible, it is still a field so care may be needed and expectations adjusted.

2. Booking Conditions

  • The field is appointment only and Members have exclusive use of the field, so there are no other people or dogs inside the field while it is being used
  • Members can use the field on any available days they wish subject to availability
  • Members who disrespect the rules of use of the field will have their membership revoked.
  • An alternative timeslot will try to be offered if the weather is atrocious or there is a valid reason why a Member can’t attend for a timeslot that they have booked, providing that prior notice is given (no later than 9am the previous day).

3. Permitted Users

  • Only Members (pre-registered users) are able to use the field (Members are given the key code for the gate padlock which is changed regularly)
  • The field is to be used for private exercise, relaxation or social distancing only
  • Motorised bikes, drones or other noisy electronic devices (e.g. music players) are not permitted
  • Audible whistles, megaphones and such equipment is not permitted
  • Professional dog walkers and commercial businesses are not permitted
  • Whilst the field is ideal for family picnics, barbecues or anything with a naked flame is not permitted
  • Kite flying is allowed, but please keep all lines away from the overhead pylon wires
  • Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to book the field
  • Children under the age of 18 must be supervised by their parents at all times and must not be left on the field without a responsible adult present.
  • Please inform us if you give your appointment to somebody else – we will need a contact number and also check that they are a valid, registered Member also.

4. Dogs

  • Well behaved dogs are welcome, but to avoid the spread of parasites and diseases all dogs must have (and be able to show) an up-to-date vaccination record or titre test and be registered with us.
  • Dogs must also be up-to-date with their worming, flea and tick treatments
  • Dogs must be accompanied by a the owner who is a responsible handler at all times
  • Dogs must be kept in vehicles until the vehicle has driven into the field and the field gate has been closed
  • Choke chains, prong collars and electronic devices are not allowed
  • Harsh handling of dogs, either verbal or physical is not allowed
  • Any Member found to be training dogs for fighting will be asked to leave immediately
  • A MAXIMUM OF 4 DOGS belonging to the Member(s) who is using the field are allowed at any one time (this includes shared member bookings)
  • Owners MUST clean up after their dog or they will be denied repeat access
  • Dogs can run off lead and play endless ‘zoomies’ or sniff about worry free. However, although there is a perimeter fence that is 3ft – 5ft high,the field has not been purpose built for escape artists! If your dog has poor recall, is on a mission to catch a rabbit or badger, jumps fences, reacts negatively to traffic noise, animals (or people) in neighbouring fields, likes to squeeze through gaps, dig holes under fences or barks excessively, then this field is NOT suitable for them and you will be asked to leave or put them on a lead.
  • It is taken that by bringing your dog that you have Public Liability insurance in place for your pet (s) (often available as part of household insurance)

5. Member Responsibility

Members are responsible for:

  • Their own safety (and that of their dog’s) and agree to use the field at their own risk
  • Inspecting the field to ensure that it is suitable for use by their dog/s – BEFORE USE! – i.e. fence height, proximity to traffic noise, other animals etc
  • Their dog(s) at all times and they are liable for any damages caused by their pet whilst using the facility
  • Ensuring their dogs are fit, well and suited to The Meadow environment
  • Ensuring that any equipment used is suitable for them, their family or their dog(s), paying particular attention to the dog(s) height and age limitations
  • Informing Management if they give a timeslot to another Member as the name of the Member who is using the field is needed for insurance
  • Complying by all rules governing the control of dogs, and IED (Index of Exempted Dogs). More information can be found at
  • Cleaning up after their dog and putting poo bags in the waste bin provided

Fairfield Court Management and Cippa Limited accept no responsibility for loss, injury or accident that occurs to a dog(s), owner or accompanying friends and family or for any veterinary bills arising from using the field or equipment

6. Arriving & Departing

  • Members (and dogs) must remain in their cars and wait until the previous field user has left the site. If the person before you has not left on time please call 07767 757009 immediately.
  • If Members arrive early, they must wait in the lay-by or the designated waiting area until the previous visitor has left.
  • Dogs MUST remain on a lead until the gate to the field is closed securely
  • The field is located on a farm that has its own dogs and cats. As these may be loose near the field, parking is only permitted in the agreed parking area (shown to Members upon registration) or in the layby.
  • Parking is at your own risk and Fairfield Court Management or Cippa Limited accept no responsibility for any loss/damages
  • The use of the field is subject to the goodwill of our neighbours, please respect them by keeping noise levels to a minimum
  • The smaller field on the right as you drive in has been fenced off for non-Meadow purposes (to grow hay and prevent people and dogs getting too close to our neighbour’s garden). This field is not part of The Meadow and entry into it is prohibited. Balls or frisbees should not be thrown in and around this area. However, should it be necessary to retrieve an item, Members may enter by way of the gate (please don’t try and climb over the wire fence), but should leave the area as soon as possible
  • Members may choose to use part or all of the slot, but MUST have left the field NO LATER than 50 minutes past the hour (even if they arrive late)
  • Adequate time should be put aside to vacate the field.
  • All personal possessions and litter must be taken home
  • On leaving the field you must lock the gate using the padlock, even if someone is waiting in the lay-by

Remember: If you arrive late for your timeslot, you must still leave no later than 50 minutes past the hour or risk having your membership revoked

7. And Finally . . .

  • There are no toilets on site
  • If any unauthorised person comes in while you are using the field please call 07767 757009 immediately