The Meadow – Gallery & Reviews


“It was really good to have some more space to roam in and lots more to sniff at. It was nice to have short mown paths to get up some speed on and be with mummy but also nice to go “off piste” in the longer grass and buttercups. I could keep checking that mummy didn’t get lost as it was fairly level and I could see all round. The best thing was that no strange dogs could rush up to frighten me, although it also meant that I had no people to jump up and say hello to. (That always upsets mummy for some reason) It pleased mummy too as she could do this new unsociable distancing dance without having to keep crossing over roads. We had a good time. I hope we go again, especially when I can meet a friend! ” – Zippy (dog)

“I can see benefits for families to play and use it like a big garden, for vulnerable people trying to isolate and people with large dogs to really stretch their legs” – Patricia

“. . . it was fabulous, thank you! Jess was terrible on recall but I think it was because she was so excited. The fences look pretty secure to me from jess’s behaviour point of view” – Carol

“Really enjoyed the Meadow on Friday – what a fab space!” – Sam

“Just to say I thought the meadow was perfect, you’ve thought of everything” – Caroline

“Blu absolutely loved it, the long grass was a particular favourite. Loved the different paths. Thank you so much for such great facilities will definitely be booking again.” – Gail

“We loved using the meadow and will definitely use it again” – Jackie