Training Paddock – Registration

Only Members (pre-registered users) are able to use the field

NOTE: New Memberships are accepted and processed between January and October each year. The registration form (below) will not be available during November or December each year.

Members get a FREE taster session, receive a password and are able to view available time slots online and book the field directly

Members may book the field as few or as many times as they wish

Becoming a Member is easy and FREE!

There are just four simple steps:

  1. Complete the online registration form below between January and October [note that no new registrations are processed in November or December each year so the form is not visible at these times]. 
  2. Agree to and sign the field Terms of Use Agreement [sent out by email following registration]
  3. Show your dog(s) vaccination(s) card
  4. Have a FREE initial induction and taster session. 

Unless the above conditions are met, membership will be denied

There are no membership fees. Payment for the field is on a pay per use basis, through the purchase of “credits” or with a Frequent Visitor Pass.