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Only Members (pre-registered users) are able to use the field

Members receive a password and are able to view available time slots online and book the field directly

Members may book the field as few or as many times as they wish (subject to field availability)

Becoming a Member is easy and FREE!

There are just four simple steps:

  1. Complete an online registration form [see below]
  2. Agree to and sign the field Terms of Use Agreement
  3. Show your dog(s) vaccination(s) card
  4. Have a FREE initial induction and taster session

Unless the above conditions are met, membership will be denied

Email to make an appointment to join

*There are no membership fees. Payment for the field is on a pay per use basis or through the purchase of “credits”.

Only pre-registered users are able to use the field, but registering is easy and free. Just fill out the online form below and click Submit. Once received, we will contact you to arrange a time for you to sign the Field Rental Agreement.



Registration Form

Enter the name of all dogs who might use the field
Enter the name of the dog followed by the breed e.g. Lila - Collie
Enter the name of the dog followed by the age e.g. Lila - 6
Please include Name, Age and Relationship to Member for each person