Membership is FREE!

There is no charge to become a Member and once registered, the field can be booked at the following rates per session (timeslot):

Exclusive Use:

     1    Timeslot          £13

2 – 4    Timeslots booked at the same time          £10.50 each

5 – 9    Timeslots booked at the same time          £8.50 each

10 – 14    Timeslots booked at the same time           £7.50 each

15 – 19   Timeslots booked at the same time           £6.50 each

20+   Timeslots booked at the same time                £5.50 each

(Timeslots run from the hour until 50 minutes past the hour unless booked back-to-back by the same Member. In this instance, the field must be vacated by 50 minutes past the last hour booked

There is also the option to:


This is the most flexible option that allows Members to pay now, but book particular dates (and times) as and when they want to (subject to availability and no exchanges). Click Here to book credits and for more information.

Booking Conditions

  • Only Members can book the field
  • Only dogs that belong to Members can use the field
  • A maximum of 4 dogs are allowed at any time
  • Two or more Members can agree to use the field at the same time (and share the cost) providing that no more than 4 dogs are present in total
  • More than one timeslot may be booked in a day and at a time, with discounts available for multiple sessions (see prices above)
  • Timeslots MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE (Can be booked online or by phone)
  • Any Member and dog on the field who are not booked into the session will be asked to leave immediately