Prices / Buy Credits / Pass

The fields can be booked on a Pay As You Go basis, with Credits or a Monthly Pass (March – October).

The pre-paid Block Bookings Option (Credits or Pass) offers the most flexibility as Members can purchase a number of timeslots in advance and then use them in any field (subject to having first completed an induction in that field).

PAYG Prices :

A single timeslot (purchased on its own) is £13

Discounts (applied at checkout) are available for 2 or more timeslots purchased at the same time as follows:

  • 2 Timeslots = £12.25 each
  • 3 Timeslots = £11.75 each
  • 4 Timeslots = £10.50 each
  • 5 Timeslots = £9.75 each
  • 6 Timeslots = £8.75 each
  • 7 Timeslots = £8.60 each
  • 8 Timeslots = £8.45 each
  • 9 Timeslots = £8.30 each
  • 10 Timeslots = £8.15 each
  • 15 Timeslots = £7.40 each

CREDIT Prices :

5 Credits

Save £3.75 on PAYG Prices

10 Credits

Save £7.50 on PAYG Prices

20 Credits

Save £15 on PAYG Prices

30 Credits

Save £30 on PAYG Prices


Monthly Passes (Available Mar-Oct)

Sorry – these are not on sale currently


Don’t know what present to give a dog owning loved one or just want to spoil your pet? Christmas gift vouchers are available and will be sent out by email for you to print and include in a card of your choice. The recipient just needs to visit the website, register and book an induction in their chosen field to receive the online calendar password (see below).

£25 Gift Voucher

This voucher gives the recipient 4 FREE visits (Induction & 3 Additional Timeslots)

£50 Gift Voucher

This voucher gives the recipient 8 FREE visits (Induction & 7 Additional Timeslots)


How Credits & Monthly Passes Work

  • Select your chosen product. You will receive a purchase email confirmation and Bromsgrove Field Hire will add credits to your membership record
  • Use the online calendars (there is one for each field) and select a timeslot(s)
  • Select the option below the calendar for “Pre-paid” to reserve it / them
  • Your “Account” with Bromsgrove Field Hire will be manually debited by 1 for each timeslot that you reserve
  • Bromsgrove Field Hire will advise you if you try to reserve a slot but have run out of timeslot “credits”. At this point, you have the option to buy more or pay as you go.
  • Feel free to contact Bromsgrove Field Hire at any time if you are unsure of how many “credits” you have used or are still available

We can also accept cash and internet payments providing they are received well in advance of using the field. 

The Bank Details (for internet payments are):

Barclays Bank, Sort Code 20-84-13, Account 13254941, Name Cippa Limited

Validity :

Unless an extension is agreed, timeslots not used up during these times will be forfeited, with no refunds given.

Credits and Passes can be used on any day and in any field subject to a maximum of one visit to the farm per day.


1st March – 30th September (purchase date)

5 credits = 2 months 10 / 20 / 30 credits = 6 months

1st October – 29th February (purchase date)

5 credits = 3 months 10 / 20 / 30 credits = 9 months


Frequent Visitor Passes are available for March – October and are valid for the month that they are purchased. If a Pass is purchased part-way through the month, no reduction in price is given and it still only remains valid for the remainder of the month.


£25 and £50 gift vouchers are valid for 6 and 9 months respectively from the date of purchase. The recipient just needs to register their details to become a Member and request an induction when they are ready.

Important Information – Terms of Booking

The Block Booking (Credits) Option or Monthly Pass does not guarantee availability of a particular date(s) or time(s). Members may not be able to secure their preferred timeslot, particularly if leaving their selection to the last minute

Cancellations / Booking Changes: Except in exceptional circumstances, a MINIMUM of 24 hours’ notice (before the slot time), must be given if Members wish to cancel or amend a booking without ‘losing’ the credit or PAYG payment.

This includes cancellations or postponements due to bad (or too hot) weather. Members should check the forecast in advance if any undesirable weather conditions are a possibility and make alternative arrangements with Bromsgrove Field Hire in good time.

IMPORTANT: Monthly Pass Holders who book multiple timeslots but fail to attend on more than 3 occasions in the month, will have their pass revoked with no refund given. This is to ensure that time slots are not wasted as there are a limited number each day and other Members who might like them. The Field Log sheets are used to monitor visits, so please remember to sign in and out each time so that attendance is noted.