Let your dog run free!

Put a smile on your dog’s face in a safe and secure field without the worry of meeting other dogs (or people).

LATEST NEWS: 06/03/2021 Bar cancellations, the fields are fully booked for the next few weeks – apologies. However a third secure field (approximately 2.5 acres) should be ready at the end of the month and we apologise to Meadow visitors for any noise / visual distractions in the distance. If your dog(s) is particularly reactive to people, noise or vehicles that may be in an adjacent field please get in touch and your booking can be rearranged.

There are TWO great options (and a third one coming soon) that can be booked on a Pay As You Go basis, with Pre-purchased Credits or with a Monthly Pass (ideal for frequent visitors).

Training Paddock

Approximately 1 acre of grassy fun that is perfect for some off-lead time for dogs with poor recall, puppy training, agility practice and wannabe escapees or ‘jumpers’. 5ft – 6ft perimeter fence. Watch Video.

The Fenced Meadow

Approximately 8 acres of field play in a fully-fenced field that offers lots of space for walking or playing ‘zoomies’. 3ft – 5ft perimeter fence. Watch Video.

The Half Past FieldComing Soon !

Approximately 2.5 acres containing a large number of dog-friendly obstacles to give both mental and physical stimulation. Securely fenced with 5ft – 6ft perimeter fence. Ready (hopefully) late March 2021.

All fields are perfect for nervous or reactive pooches.

CORONAVIRUS 2nd March 2021 UPDATE: Bromsgrove Field Hire remains open as this is permissible under the lockdown rules.

The new lockdown rules allow a person to “exercise in a public outdoor place . . . and public outdoor places include . . . public gardens (whether or not you pay to enter them).”

Timeslots are booked on an exclusive use basis and Members must ensure that they adhere to Government rules. NOBODY should visit if they have any Coronavirus symptoms; have been in contact with anyone who has the virus; is waiting for a test result or should be self-isolating for ANY reason.

The new variants are worrying, so please remember to use plenty of hand gel when entering, leaving or touching surfaces in the field and wash your hands thoroughly once home.

Failure of Members to follow the Government’s advice will give us no option but to close the fields completely. So please don’t spoil it for others or put us or them at risk.