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26/03/20 Coronavirus Update: Guidance from the Government is still rather vague and unclear when it comes to going to exercise in a private space that is for exclusive use only and where people from different households can not meet (due to the 10 minute gap between bookings).

However there are clear guidelines when it comes to staying at home and minimising travel for all but essential journeys. Avon & Somerset police (amongst others) are also taking action against people who are driving to beauty spots / other open / ‘public’ places to exercise or walk their dogs.

Our field remains a private space. It is not open to the public and is a closed (Members Only) community. So we are not sure at this time how the field fits in with the guidelines, other than to say that if you do have somewhere that you can walk your dog that is from your own door, then that is to be encouraged (rather than visiting the field) in line with the Government’s guidelines.

We will continue to keep the field open for local people whilst we wait for some clarity on exclusive use, private spaces.

In the meantime, if you have booked a slot(s) that is imminent and would like to move it to a later date, then please get in touch. Initially, any slots that have been booked between 27/03/20 and 12/04/20 inclusive can be cancelled and your record will be credited with the same number of timeslots to then use by a later date to be decided upon in due course. Nobody will lose money or slots, but as some people live locally or may not want slots cancelled, it won’t be automatic – you must let us know if you wish to have your slots cancelled and credited to your record.

HOWEVER please remember to only visit alone and do not agree to meet others at the field. Nobody should visit if they have any symptoms or should be self-isolating for ANY reason.

Extra precautions are being taken (e.g. with cleaning the padlock and other surfaces) but you are advised to continue to bring your own hand gel, signing in pen, gloves, own dog toys etc for the foreseeable future. The “honesty shop” has also been suspended for the time being so there will be no available snacks, dog treats or drinks on site.

Failure of Members to follow the Government’s advice will give us no option but to close the field completely. So please don’t spoil it for others or put us or them at risk.

  • Exclusive Use For Registered Members (Field not shared with other dog owners)
  • Free to Join (no registration fee)
  • Just 1 mile from Junction 4 of the M5 and within easy reach of Bromsgrove, Rubery, Stourbridge and surrounding villages
  • PAYG, Flexible Pre-paid Credits or Frequent Visitor Pass Options
  • Loads of Free Dog Agility Obstacles to Enjoy
  • Field Shelter, Seating, Doggy Water Splash & Lots More!

Ideal for Puppy Training, Reactive Dogs, Recall Practise, Energetic or Nervous Dogs, Rescue and High Prey Dogs, Dog Agility Practise, Socialisation

Join Today and Put A Smile On Your Dog’s Face !

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This field is on a private farm. It is not a public space. Use of the field is only permitted on an appointment basis by people who have registered and completed the required paperwork (see Membership / Join Us!). The farm is our home and visitors who arrive on spec or are found wandering in search of the field are trespassing and will be asked to leave immediately.

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