There are TWO options:

  • Secure Dog Field specifically made for dogs with poor recall, puppy training, agility practice and wannabe escapees or ‘jumpers’. 5ft – 6ft perimeter fence.
  • The Meadow – a larger, fully-fenced field that offers more space for walking or playing ‘zoomies’. 3ft – 5ft perimeter fence.

Both fields are perfect for nervous or reactive pooches.

Secure Dog Field
The Meadow

It is still advisable to visit alone or only with your family although it’s now also permitted to meet people outside of your ‘bubble’ providing that social distancing is adhered to. This person can be met at the field. Nobody should visit if they have any Coronavirus symptoms, have been in contact with anyone who has the virus or should be self-isolating for ANY reason.

Failure of Members to follow the Government’s advice will give us no option but to close the fields completely. So please don’t spoil it for others or put us or them at risk.