Cancellations / Changes

Commitments, plans and the weather may change last minute and so it’s no problem if you need to cancel or change a pre-booked time slot.

However due to Membership numbers, the volume of slots and the pressure on spaces, availability can change very quickly.

Requests to amend bookings so that new slots can be reserved whilst they are still available and release unwanted ones to others in time to be re-booked, is becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

Please read the following changes to our administration policy:

Except in exceptional circumstances, a MINIMUM of 24 hours’ notice is required (from the start time of a pre-booked slot) to cancel or amend a booking without forfeiting a ‘credit’ or payment.

This is also the case with unfavourable weather conditions (too hot or wet / cold) so Members should check the forecast at least 24 hours before their visit and cancel in advance, if there is any doubt.

Whilst monetary amounts aren’t refundable, Members who give notice of a cancellation or slot time change that is received more than 24 hours in advance will have the ‘credit’ refunded or one added to their Membership record (PAYG accounts).


For straight forward cancellations (i.e. not session date or time swaps) Members should TEXT the field name, date and time details of the slot that is to be cancelled to 07767 757009.

The work phone is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch rather than via Facebook or email which require computer access and so messages aren’t guaranteed to be actioned as quickly.

The ‘timestamp’ on Facebook messages or emails will no longer be taken as evidence of giving 24 hours’ notice.

Changes / Amendments

For requests to swap an existing booking to a different field, day or time, Members should USE THE ONLINE CALENDAR themselves to select an available new time slot in their chosen field.

Choose the Pre-Paid option below the calendar for sessions that are being swapped like for like (i.e. in number, such as 1 change for 1 existing booking, 2 changes for 2 existing bookings etc).

Before clicking ‘Submit’, Members should write in the comments box below the calendar that it is a swap for an existing booking and note the field name, date and time of the existing booking that is being replaced.

Except in exceptional circumstance (e.g. a lack of technology or technical difficulties), session swaps are no longer able to be accepted by text, email or Facebook message. Members are responsible for viewing the online availability calendar, booking an alternative slot and advising us (via the comments box) which existing booking is being replaced.

Due to the administration required, Bromsgrove Field Hire can no longer process individual requests to move or change slots. This must be done by Members themselves. Clear instructions should be written in the Booking Calendar Comments Box or Members risk having an additional ‘credit’ deducted if it is not clear which existing slot the new booking is to replace.

Thank you

Cancellations / Changes: MINIMUM of 24 hours' notice needed to guarantee a 'credit' refund
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