The Fenced Meadow – Overview

The Fenced Meadow is an EXCLUSIVE USE large field (roughly 7 acres) with a 4ft – 5ft perimeter fence that can be enjoyed in many ways.

Note: No Whistles Are Permitted Before 10am

  • ‘Walkies’ – there is a mixture of mowed trails and longer grassy areas
  • ‘Zoomies’ – dogs can enjoy racing around as there are large areas of open space
  • ‘Sniffing’ – this field has a dedicated ‘Sniffari’ Trail as well as lots of interesting smells (e.g. around the ‘pee’ rabbits)
  • Agility Fun – there is a selection of agility equipment
  • Scurry Practice – there is a dedicated scurry area for exercise, fun and training

Dogs are welcome!

Cars can be driven straight into the field and it’s an ideal environment for nervous or unsociable dogs (or humans) who may have difficulties in public places or for those that need to run off some excess energy or have some fresh air.

Note that there may be animals (and humans) in nearby fields and the A491 runs along one edge of the field behind the hedge (which is potentially penetrable by the very best escape artists!). There are also no toilet or refreshment facilities on site. Dog water is provided however.

Booking Details

The Meadow can be booked with Credits or on a Pay as You Go basis.

Credits are transferable between fields so if you have registered AND had an induction session you can ‘mix and match’ time slots between the spaces.

Book Now

(Registered Members Only)!

Note that a password is needed before you are able to use the online booking calendar.

All first visits to The Meadow are done on a “Meet and Greet” basis so that you can be shown where to park, check that the field is suitable for your dog(s) and you can sign a Field Use Agreement if you haven’t already. We will also need to see your dog’s vaccination certificate, Titre Test or vet print out.

At the induction session, you will also be given a password to book additional slots via the online availability calendar for future visits.

Book a First Visit / Induction for The Meadow

Cancellations / Changes: MINIMUM of 24 hours' notice needed to guarantee a 'credit' refund
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