The Fields

There is more than one option!

Use the drop down arrows for details of the individual fields and to book time slots or click on the heading links below.

  • Training Paddock – Approximately 1 acre of grassy fun in a fully-fenced field that is perfect for some off-lead time for dogs with poor recall, puppy training, agility practice and wannabe escapees or ‘jumpers’. 5ft – 6ft perimeter fence. Watch Video.
  • Half Past Field – Approximately 2.5 acres of ‘adventure park’ enjoyment in a fully-fenced field that has both permanent and moveable obstacles. Great for recall practice, mental and physical stimulation. 5ft – 6ft perimeter fence.
  • Fenced Meadow – Approximately 8 acres of field play in a fully-fenced field that offers lots of space for walking or playing ‘zoomies’. 3ft – 5ft perimeter fence. Watch Video.

All fields are booked on an exclusive use basis with a 10 minute gap between timeslots