Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q. How can I use the field(s)?

The fields are private and booked on an exclusive use basis only by pre-registered ‘Members’ who have completed an induction. They are not open to the general public. If you would like to visit please follow this link to Register and then Arrange an Induction. At the induction, you will be set up with your own record on our database and given a password to access the field’s online availability calendar and book future slots.

Q. How can I see availability or check my booking time ?

There is a password protected Availability Overview page to show spaces across the site on any chosen day. The calendar can also be used to check the time of existing bookings.

Q. Are the fields open all year?

Yes. The fields are open all year round as unless there is exceptionally, prolonged, heavy rainfall, the ground drains well. Availability of timeslots however may be restricted on occasion (e.g. if maintenance work is required or if the management team are on a holiday).

Reduced Opening Hours During Management Holidays:

UK Mini Breaks (where the team remain in the UK and can still easily assist by phone or email). The fields are open on a reduced capacity basis except on the morning of the leaving day and afternoon / evening of the return day when they can be fully open

Overseas Holidays (where the management team are abroad). The fields are closed during this time to ensure there is a complete break from work and reduced complications or concerns for the house sitters.

Q. What are the opening hours?

The Training Paddock is open during daylight hours for a maximum of almost 15 hours per day (in the summer). The first slot is at 7am and the last slot starts at 8pm.

The Meadow is open during daylight hours for a maximum of almost 11 hours per day (in the summer). There are summer (May, June, July & August) and winter opening hours so that dogs have the option of visiting during the coolest times – i.e. first thing and in the evening. Summer = 7am to 7pm, Winter = 8am / 9am to dusk

The Half Past Field is open during daylight hours but also has additional safety lighting that allows for increased timeslot availability in the winter months. The first slot is at 6.30am and the last slot starts at 7.30pm.

Parkour Park is open during daylight hours for a maximum of almost 12 hours per day (in the summer). The first slot is at 7am and the last slot starts at 7.30pm.

The opening hours of the fields get adjusted throughout the year in line with the sunrise and sunset

Q. Are the fields secure?

Yes. All the fields have continuous perimeter fences that dogs theoretically can’t pass through. However dogs that are absolutely intent on getting out at all costs may succeed in digging their way under or jumping over the wire. The fields are not cages!

There has been significant investment in secure stock proof fencing and camouflage netting. Please click on The Fields for more information and to see details of the fence heights for each option.

Q. Can I bring my XL Bully?

Yes, but there are certain conditions that must be met as defined by our insurers – namely:

  1. Your dog is registered with the index of exempted dog (IED) and a copy of the life certificate is obtained and provided to us prior to visiting
  2. A copy of the public liability insurance certificate for the dog is obtained and provided to us prior to visiting
  3. XL Bullies can be off-lead and unmuzzled with their own household dogs – no limit on number, and no requirement for extra household humans – you can have just one human with them (over the age of 18) in the field and with the other household dogs.
  4. No humans from other households are permitted
  5. If there are dogs from different households the banned breed will need to remain muzzled and on a lead at all times with a 1:1 handler
  6. Your dog must be Neutered in line with Government deadlines for neutering
  7. Your dog is Micro Chipped
  8. Your dog is muzzled when NOT either in your vehicle or in the field behind a secured gate
  9. Your dog is kept on a lead or in your vehicle until the gate is shut when entering the field
  10. Your dog is put back on a lead or in your vehicle before opening the gate to leave the field
  11. The inner gate chain and gate signed are used at all times to warn others not to enter the field whilst you are there
  12. Due to the proximity of our neighbours and lower fenceline along the brook side of the field, XL Bully dogs are not permitted in The Meadow, but may use the other fields

Q. What facilities are in the fields?

All the fields have obstacles for mental and physical stimulation as well as a ‘splash’ to cool off in on hotter days and a ‘dig pit’. There are also dog ‘scurries’ in each field.

Parkour Park also has a full Kennel Club dog agility course with weaves, aluminium dog walk, seesaw and A-frame and Parkour obstacles approved by an international Parkour judge

Please see the Gallery pages for examples.

Q.Do you offer agility classes?

No. Our insurance stipulates that a maximum of 4 dogs can use the field at any time. and this must be for private use. Parking space is also restricted to 2 cars

Q. How many dogs can I bring?

A maximum of 4 dogs are allowed in the fields at any time.

Q. Is there a discount for charities?

Regular field games are run to offer the chance of visiting for £1. There is a charity ‘honesty box’ offering essential items. Discounts are available for multiple slot bookings and credit block purchases. As demand for a space usually exceeds availability, there are a limited number of slots each day and as the costs of setting up, running and maintaining the fields to a high standard are considerable, no additional discounts are possible.

Q. Can dog walkers hire the field ?

No. The insurance stipulates that the field is for private hire only and not for commercial use or commercial users (e.g. dog walkers).

Q. Do my dogs need to be vaccinated and why?

Yes. You will be asked to show an up-to-date vaccination certificate or Titre Test print out at your induction.

Vaccines often contain live, modified viruses. There is a (very) small risk that unvaccinated dogs may be adversely affected if they lick something or drink from a bowl that has been used by another dog that has been recently vaccinated.

Many dogs visit and so some insurers make vaccination a policy stipulation. A large number of dog exercise facilities now require an up-to-date vaccination certificate or Titre Test print out for this reason.

Vaccination cards also allow the details of both dog(s) and owner(s) to be checked. They also provide additional confirmation that Members who use the fields are responsible pet owners.

Q. Do my dogs need to be wormed and treated for fleas regularly?

Yes. A requirement of using the field is that your dog is up to date with their worming and flea treatments.

Q. Does my dog need to be spayed / are dogs in season restricted?

No. Dogs (excluding XL Bullies within the Government deadlines) do not need to have been neutered or spayed. Dogs in season are also permitted as it is private field that is booked on an exclusive use basis rather than being open to the general public or for unrestricted occupancy.

Q. Will there be anyone else in the field with me?

No. The fields are private and booked exclusively for your use only during your time slot. There may be other dogs, humans or horses in the distance, but no one will be in the field at the same time who you haven’t invited to be there.

Q. Can I bring a friend / companion?

Yes. Providing that any Government guidelines are adhered to (e.g. with XL Bullies) it’s fine to come with others.

However if any of the ‘others’ wish to also bring their dog at the same time (e.g. for a doggie ‘playdate’) and accompany you more than once a month then that person must also be registered with us.

All visiting dogs – even those just coming for an occasional play – must have been shown to have an up-to-date vaccination certificate prior to their visit.

All accompanying guests (who are non-members) MUST also sign a day use disclaimer in order to meet insurance requirements. These should be returned prior to their visit if possible although a few copies are available in the field shelters too.

Q. How many guests can I bring?

There is a maximum limit of 2 cars and 4 dogs per field, but no limited on humans if the above are still met.

All visiting dogs must be shown to have an up to date vaccination before they come.

Q. What are your prices?

There are a couple of options – pay as you go (PAYG) or credits (purchased in on-off blocks or with a credit subscription). Please visit the Prices page for more information.

Q. How long are the time slots?

All slots are 50 minutes long except in Parkour Park where slots are 1 hour long to give additional time for training or agility course re-building. Visitors can use part or all of the time providing that they leave no later than 50 or 60 minutes past the start time of their booking.

Q. Can I just turn up and use a field if it is available

No. The fields are only for use by those who have pre-registered with us and have been for an induction. Timeslots must be booked and paid for in advance. Nobody will be permitted entry into the fields if they turn up ‘on spec’.

Each field has a heavy duty lock with a unique code that is changed regularly. The code is disclosed in booking confirmation emails only.

Q. How do I join?

Please click on Register / Become A Member for more information.

Q. I’ve registered already, what do I do next?

Please click on Arrange An Induction for your first visit.

Q. I’m already a Member, but would like to use a second (or additional) field. What should I do?

Please click on Arrange An Induction to try out an alternative field.

Q. How do I cancel my slot once booked if needed?

Providing that we are given a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice before your slot start time, credit (s) will be returned or added to your account to be used at a later date. Unfortunately we are not able to offer cash refunds for cancelled slots that are booked on a PAYG basis, only reusable ‘credits’.

Requests to cancel a slot should be sent by text to 07767 757009.

Q. How do I change or move my slot once booked if needed?

Providing that we are given a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice before your slot start time, bookings can be rearranged.

Requests to change a slot should be done in the following way:

Book the alternative date / time that you’d like to swap to via use of the online calendar and then WRITE IN THE COMMENTS BOX below the calendar (before pressing Submit) which existing booking you’d like to exchange it for.

This will ensure that the replacement slot will be reserved for you (as otherwise there may be a delay before it is able to be booked and there is a risk that it might be taken by someone else in the meantime).

Q. Are there toilets on site?


Q. What is in the fields ?

All fields have a ‘scurry’, a selection of dog friendly obstacles, complimentary pooh bags, doggie drinking water, outdoor seating and a field shelter. In addition, there are water splashes for dogs to enjoy, ‘dig pits’ and other extras like toys, mown paths and an ‘honesty shop’. Parkour Park also has professional agility, parkour obstacles, a splash pool ‘dig pit’, Pooh bags and water. Please click on The Fields for individual field information and specifications.

Q. Are there refreshments?

An ‘honesty shop’ is run by our daughter to raise money for a local charity (The Basement Project in Bromsgrove). A selection of snacks, drinks and dog treats are available most of the time.

Q. What do I need to bring to the Induction?

It might sound obvious, but please bring your dog(s) along as it only takes a few minutes to complete the induction and your pet(s) will have plenty of time to try out and enjoy the field.

On your first visit you will need to bring your dog(s)’ vaccination record / Titre test print out and a signed copy of the Field Use Agreement that will be emailed to you at the time of arranging the induction. Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer as a copy will also be available on site to sign.

Induction Costs:
New Members – £20 (cash). The cost also includes a luxury welcome pack with £10 of every pack going to charity.
Existing Members – £10 (cash) or 1 pre-purchased credit (whatever is preferred)

There is no need to bring your dog’s vaccination certificate or Field Use Agreement again on second (or third) inductions.

Q. Are dog toys provided?

There are plenty of physical objects in the fields for both mental and physical stimulation. A selection of dog toys and balls is also available to use free of charge in the Training Paddock. There are no additional dog toys provided in the other fields

Q. What if my dog bursts or breaks one of the Training Paddock balls?

It’s not a problem. There is a ball replacement fund box in the field shelter. Members can either pay cash or bring a replacement themselves. Breakages cost £5 for small balls and £10 for hard or large balls. Any colour alternatives is acceptable.

Q. Is there insurance?

Yes the fields are covered by Public Liability Insurance for dog walking and Product Liability. However it is recommended that Members also have their own pet insurance. Often this is provided as part of Household Insurance, but it is the responsibility of Members to verify this.

Q. What is the accessibility like?

The Meadow, Half Past Field and Parkour Park have drive in access. The Training Paddock has a pedestrian size gate only and cars are required to park approximately 10 metres away from it. All parking is on hard-standing.

The Meadow, Parkour Park and Training Paddock are predominantly flat fields. The Half Past Field has both flat and steeper parts. It is less suited to those with compromised mobility.

Q. Do the fields get muddy in winter?

Not really. The ground in all fields drains well and although there may be some muddy patches in late Autumn / Winter and wellies are recommended if it has rained, generally there is good grass cover all year round and steps have been taken to protect the ground and provide walkways

Q. What dogs are accepted?

All Government permitted dog breeds (including XL Bullies) are allowed to use the fields.

However dogs with an uncontrollable high prey drive; those intent on escaping from the field no matter what or dogs that persistently damage our property, will be asked to leave and not allowed to return. The safety of other visitors to the farm, family members, other residents, neighbours or animals is paramount and remains a priority at all times.

Q. What distractions might be nearby?

TRAFFIC: The A491 dual carriageway runs along one edge of The Meadow and the Stourbridge Road is behind a thick hedge adjacent to The Training Paddock.

WORKMEN: The track alongside The Training Paddock is not owned by Bromsgrove Field Hire and may have workmen on it from time to time

OTHER DOGS: The Half Past Field, Parkour Park and The Meadow are adjacent to one another, but a large gap has been left between the fields and there has been significant investment in camouflage netting. That said, where there is higher ground, it may be possible to see horses, humans and other dogs at a distance.

There is a ‘farm’ dog who lives further up the drive by the residences and spends most of the day pottering about outside. She may be heard barking from time to time but is not permitted to go near or into the dog fields. She is very friendly and not reactive to other dogs.

OTHER ANIMALS: The Meadow is adjacent to a paddock where there may be ponies grazing. A small section of the perimeter fence in both The Half Past Field and Training Paddock is adjacent to a two-horse paddock. All the horses are used to dogs, but dogs should be discouraged from barking at them.

Our neighbour may be running dog agility classes behind the camouflage netting on the Western edge of The Meadow as their property adjoins ours. They also walk dogs around their property.

OTHER PEOPLE: Our neighbours on the Eastern side of The Meadow are foster parents and there may be up to three children playing ball games in their garden.

During the school holidays there may also be children playing in the wooded area between the Training Paddock and the main house.

Q. Is the sand in the ‘Dig Pit’s safe for dogs?

Yes. Only high-quality premium play sand has been used. It is a naturally formed product that has been specifically designed for play pit areas in schools and nurseries and has been tested to BS EN 1177 standard. Prior to being used, it has been put through several cycles of pressure-washing to remove any residue, dangerous materials and to wash away any Iron Oxide.

Q. Is the water in the bowsers and ‘Splash Puddles’ prevented from stagnating?

Yes. Purification tablets are added and the water (both for drinking and paddling in) is changed regularly. However the water in the ‘Splash Puddles’ may appear dirty or discoloured (e.g. from mud or grass cuttings) as this is unavoidable due to dogs jumping in and out continuously.

Q. Is there any Canine Hoopers Agility Equipment?

Yes. The Training Paddock and Parkour Park is equipped with Canine Hoopers training equipment.

Q. What is Canine Hoopers?

Canine Hoopers originated in America then spread to Europe and reached the UK in 2018. It’s a new sport that all dogs can take part in – from puppies to senior dogs – as it does not impact on joints.It can keep dogs fit (mentally and physically) whilst also helping nervous or reactive dogs gain confidence and bond with their owners. Dogs navigate a series of hoops, tunnels, barrels and run mats or ladders on a flowing course.

Cancellations / Changes: MINIMUM of 24 hours' notice needed to guarantee a 'credit' refund
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