Dog Agility

Dog Agility was first introduced at Crufts in 1978 and involves harmony between the dog’s fitness and the handler’s ability to direct the dog over and through certain obstacles like jumps, tunnels and weave poles.

Anyone dog (size or breed) that is registered with The Kennel Club can take part in competitions or skills can be acquired just for personal development.

Dog Agility Benefits

– Having Fun
– Increasing Fitness (Both Dog and Handler!)
– Mental & Physical Stimulation
– Confidence Building
– Supple Joints
– Engagement
– Handler Bonding

BFH Agility Course

Parkour Park has a full set of professionally-made dog agility obstacles that meet KC specifications.

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Regular practice between supervised training at an agility class is optimal. There are many clubs (and competitions) in the area and progression can be made from grade 1 to grade 7.

More information can be found online including at:

Cancellations / Changes: MINIMUM of 24 hours' notice needed to guarantee a 'credit' refund
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