Parkour Park

This secure field has purpose-built training areas – for Dog Agility, Dog Parkour and Canine Hoopers as well as space to play games, dig in a sandpit, splash about in the small pool or go for a walk.

It’s therefore a great place to practise dog agility, parkour and Hoopers skills – for competitions or for awards or just have fun with your dog in a safe environment away from others.

  • Kennel Club Standard Agility Equipment
  • Purpose-built Parkour Obstacles **
  • Full Hoopers Course **

** Designed with the help of an International Dog Parkour Coach & Accredited Instructor Canine Hoopers UK (training also available)

This field has low level electric and solar lighting for when there is reduced daylight hours.

Timeslots in this field are 1 hour long (rather than 50 minutes) to allow additional time for training & course building

You can book straight away if you have already registered, had an induction and signed a disclaimer?

The enclosed Agility 'Arena' within the field is NOT suitable for uncontrollable dogs who like to dig holes or chew objects as the equipment could get damaged or cause an accident if used incorrectly. 


NOISE: Field users must complete a field use declaration and agree to try to keep noise to a minimum

LENGTH OF TIME: Slots in this field are longer than in the other fields to allow sufficient extra time for training and course building

Every timeslot lasts for 1 hour and starts either on the hour or half hour with a 30 minute ‘buffer’ between bookings to prevent dogs meeting and to give extra time for dog handlers to return agility equipment to its original position / standing ready for the next visitor

DAMAGE: There has been significant investment in professional KC dog agility equipment and Parkour obstacles.

Dog handlers will be charged for any damage that their dog(s) causes

General Ts & Cs
Declaration of Use

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This field is on a private farm. It is not a public space. Use of the field is only permitted on an appointment basis by people who have registered and completed the required paperwork. The farm is our home and visitors who arrive on spec or are found wandering in search of the field are trespassing and will be asked to leave immediately.

Cancellations / Changes: MINIMUM of 24 hours' notice needed to guarantee a 'credit' refund
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