Canine Hoopers is a low impact sport that is suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages. It is designed to be flowing with no sharp bends and suitable for most handlers, including those with limited mobility.

It is a series of hoops, barrels, short tunnels and ground level mats with the focus on the partnership between a dog and its handler rather than athletic ability.

Benefits of Hoopers

  • Low Impact on Joints
  • Mental & Physical Stimulation
  • Confidence & Trust Building
  • Fun and Engagement
  • Bonding

BFH Hoopers Course

Parkour Park has a full course of Hoopers obstacles that has been designed by an Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor. Only people who have been thoroughly assessed by Canine Hoopers UK and have proven their understanding, knowledge and teaching aptitude, receive accreditation.

The BFH Hoopers course is a lot of fun and safe. Instruction of a high standard is also available

Cancellations / Changes: MINIMUM of 24 hours' notice needed to guarantee a 'credit' refund
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