After Dark Disclaimer

Both the Half Past Field and Parkour Park are equipped with low-level electric and solar lighting to enable them to stay open for longer, during restricted daylight hours

Members who have had an induction in either field and would like to have the option of visiting earlier or later in the day during Autumn or Winter must complete the form at the bottom of this page. Their record at Bromsgrove Field Hire will then be accredited with a ‘stamp’ that permits the booking of non-daylight timeslots.

Due to additional health and safety considerations, Members must confirm that:

  • All visiting dogs will wear a flashing or lit-up collar
  • They will bring a torch (or preferably a torch lantern) so that dog waste can be seen (and picked up)
  • They accept that there may be additional hazards at night including an increase in wildlife, less visible uneven ground or more ‘missed’ pooh

Noise & Use of Flashlights

  1. Due to the proximity of other residences, Members with particularly yappy or hard to control dogs should not book the 6.30am, 7.30am or 7.30pm timeslots after the 1st September
  2. The use of torches and flashlights should be restricted as much as possible so not to alert, panic or disturb other residents or neighbours i.e. they should only be used to locate dog waste or items on the ground and not waived about at head height.
  3. Noise (shouting, barking etc) should be restricted as much as possible

Please remember that:

Members are responsible for their dog(s) at all times and they are liable for any damages caused by their pet whilst using the facilities including (but not limited to) breakages to the fences / agility equipment or digging holes


After Dark Form

MAXIMUM of 4 Dogs
e.g. Allergies, Disabilities, No Recall, Aggressive to Humans etc
I accept (Must read and scroll to bottom to be accepted)

Cancellations / Changes: MINIMUM of 24 hours' notice needed to guarantee a 'credit' refund
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